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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Luck or Attraction?

If you read my last post, you read how a wonderful gal, Kandee G, called me completely out of the blue to see how she might be able to support me. And I'm very happy to report that she did send a copy of her book that she personally signed ~ To Gloria, You are Remarkable! Kandee G . . . I just LOVED that!!

It truly is a great book that I've been reading over this last week, and I would highly recommend you check it out, too, at In it she walks you through her G.A.M.E.S system for building a Remarkable Life. Coincidence?

With that, I have to ask you the question because I've been wondering it myself. Was that phone call a case of luck and I just made it into more that it should've been OR was I truly creating and bringing into my life those that I needed proactively?

Forever grateful, I may still have just blown it off as mere coincidence, but then something else completely AMAZING happened just the following week ~

One of my very specific goals is to build my subscriber list of my daily e-mails to 10,000 subscribers. Quite a big goal, but one I really, really want!! My dilemna though was that I wanted it, but didn't quite know how to go about making it happen. I've been asking myself the same question over and over for weeks now - How can I build my list to 10,000? I was doing everything I knew how, and while I did get a few more subscribers here and there, nothing substantial.

And then I received ANOTHER phone call. This time it was from a gentleman I had met about 3 years ago or so. We were both at a National Speakers Association meeting, and at the time, he was president of the chapter. Through the years we have kept in touch via e-mail now and then just to say hello. I helped him do some editing on some articles he was writing, and he encouraged me quite a bit to keep on keeping on.

On this phone call, he asked me, "Gloria, how can I help you?" Well, it just so happens that he speaks on e-mail technology, spam, and IT issues. Because I was so very clear about what I wanted, I asked him the question I had been asking myself for weeks - How can I build my subscriber list to 10,000?

Guess what??!! He knew the answer to that question! He gave me an assignment with the instructions that when I finished that step, call him, and he'd tell me what to do next. Now, am I just super lucky or am I living in attraction? And even more importantly, can YOU do this for yourself??

Yes, you can!! And here's how you can be more Remarkably Attractive:
*Get REALLY clear on the specifics of what you most want.
*Do what you know to do right now.
*When help arrives - and it will! - ASK.

I can't wait to see what happens this week - for ALL of us!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What goes around, comes around?

Do you believe that? Do you believe that the things that you do and say will come back to you many times over? Do you believe that the good things, the time and energy you invest in others will be multiplied and eventually reap many benefits in your own life?

This past Sunday I received a call from a gal in Bermuda. (How cool is that?) She has read some of my articles that were on and she wanted to talk with me. But the more I talked with her, the more I felt completely frustrated. At one point, she actually laughed at what I was saying to her. Not because I believe she was mean spirited, but she was angry, she believed she had no other options than what she had already tried, and since I didn't know the WHOLE story, I was crazy!

But I know the truth. I didn't need to know the whole story. And the principles about trusting that the present is perfect, that she is creative and resourceful, that things do happen just as they should - those foundational ideals never change! I believe them with all of my heart even when it isn't so easy : ) . . . And the funny thing was, she said that she believed them, too. She had even written about them, but when things weren't just as she wanted and the going got tough, they became a idealistic fantasy, a myth, an ideal not reality. I was sad for her.

Mostly, though, I wondered why. Why did she call me? What did she want from me? I felt frustrated that I couldn't somehow shake her and get her to see the truth. And while I was glad to spend a little bit of time with her, about 30 minutes or so, in the grander scheme of things, I hung up feeling like I had just wasted my time.

But then the most amazing thing happened just yesterday . . . Again, do you believe that your efforts and energies will come back to YOU multiplied again and again??

I was doing some research on a marketing venue and had sent out several e-mails asking those who had already invested if it was worth the money to them. Knowledge is power! I didn't really know who these people were other than the blurbs written about them in the marketing piece, but I decided to write and ask for their help.

Last night, about 8:30 or so, I received a telephone call from an amazing gal that I has sent this e-mail off to. She is without a doubt the most inspiration person I have met in a long time - and SHE CALLED ME!! Her story, and this is what she calls it, is From Peanut Butter to Private Jets.

14 years ago, her husband left her with a 4 month old baby - no money, no investments, no home, not anything! She lived with friends because she had no family, and she was literally eating peanut butter out of a jar. Today, she travels the world in one of 2 private jets, and she shared with me last night that she just ordered a third! She has 2 homes, 4 cars, and her company grosses over 10 million a year! . . . And she called ME and asked me, "Gloria, how can I help YOU?" We ended the 30 minute conversation with a complimentary copy of her book, an invitation to call any time with her personal cell phone number, and new belief and inspiration that is absolutely priceless.

You will never convince me that we do not have the power to create what we truly want in our lives. When we do what we know to do - everyday and in every way - we do not know how God is going to bless it, but He will. You plant the seeds in the fields right in front of you, and let God bring in the harvest.